Siddha Vaidyam & the Kitchen Medicines

Siddha Vaidyam is not just the oldest and the first medical system that ever existed since the prehistoric period but its a science and proof of intense spirituality and Siddhars show the immense possibility of a human beings.

This medicine was developed by the scientists of ancient days named Siddhars who gained their knowledge through deep meditation and thus arousing the serpent power that is hidden within every human. These are humans who have reached the blissful state of human life and achieved the state of ultimate knowledge.

The natural ingredients of the Siddha health system herbs are much better and free of side effects than the factory made chemical stuffed products. Simple Siddha remedies can be very effective in relieving symptoms, and preventing further development of a disorder. Anything that is easily available in your kitchen or around your home, and has a medicinal use, may be used as a kitchen and home remedy. When used for medical purposes, herbs, vegetables, fruits, spices, grains and oils are understood to be home remedies.

May Lord Vaitheesvarar bless you with greater health and wealth
~ Vijayakumar Alagappan

Monday, June 30, 2014

Trikadugu - for asthma, pneumonia, colds, coughs, and bronchitis

Trikadugu Churna/ Powder is a simple mixture of three Indian spices. Trikadugu Churna is in powder form. It is widely used in Siddhatreatments and in Indian household. Trikadugu Churna falls both under medicinal herbs and dietary herbs.  

Trikadugu churna is also known as Trikatu choorna. Trikadugu powder contains three spices in equal proportions. Black pepper – Milagu + Tipili– Piper longum + Dry Ginger – Suku

Trikadugu benefits - Trikadugu is hot in potency. Trikadugu is stimulative in nature, good for liver, spleen and pancreas. Trikadugu choornam stimulates stomach to produce enzymes. Hence it helps in digestion. 
Trikadugu clears up mucus and opens up the lungs, thus helping with asthma, pneumonia, colds, 
coughs, and bronchitis. Even helps with sinus congestion and hayfever symptoms too.

Traditional reference of Trikadugu benefits -

– it improves digestion strength.
– it balances Kahpa dosha.
– it burns fat. Reduces cholesterol levels.
– useful in skin diseases.
– useful in running nose, allergic rhinitis
– relieves anorexia.
– useful to relieve ama (a state of indigestion).
– useful in diabetes
– useful in abdominal tumor, bloating
– useful in throat infection and diseases.

Trikadugu is a unqiue herbal combination. When used along with other herbs, Trikadugu enhances the bio-availability of active constituents of the coherbs in the target are of disease. Trikadugu is used as ingredient in many Siddha medicines

Trikatu Churna dose - 1/2 teaspoon a day, preferably after food. Trikadugu powder can be taken along with honey, water or milk. If it is too spicy to taste as such, it can also be added to food and taken along with the food.

Trikadugu Side Effects -  Due to hot potency, Trikadugu may worsen gastritis. May cause burning sensation in higher doses.

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