Siddha Vaidyam & the Kitchen Medicines

Siddha Vaidyam is not just the oldest and the first medical system that ever existed since the prehistoric period but its a science and proof of intense spirituality and Siddhars show the immense possibility of a human beings.

This medicine was developed by the scientists of ancient days named Siddhars who gained their knowledge through deep meditation and thus arousing the serpent power that is hidden within every human. These are humans who have reached the blissful state of human life and achieved the state of ultimate knowledge.

The natural ingredients of the Siddha health system herbs are much better and free of side effects than the factory made chemical stuffed products. Simple Siddha remedies can be very effective in relieving symptoms, and preventing further development of a disorder. Anything that is easily available in your kitchen or around your home, and has a medicinal use, may be used as a kitchen and home remedy. When used for medical purposes, herbs, vegetables, fruits, spices, grains and oils are understood to be home remedies.

May Lord Vaitheesvarar bless you with greater health and wealth
~ Vijayakumar Alagappan

Monday, June 30, 2014

Amukkara Kizhangu - bestow upon its user the vitality and strength of a horse

Amkura Kilangu is specific for a wide range of conditions including arthritic inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, 
respiratory disorders, nervous disorders, gynecological disorders, male infertility and impotence.

It is a herb that enhances resistance to stress, increases stamina and promotes general well-being. Many Western herbalists refer to this herb as "Indian ginseng" because of its reputation for increasing energy, strength, and stamina, and for its ability to relieve stress.

According to the Sidha vaidhiyamAmkura Kilangu is the best herb for balancing Vata in the body. Vata governs all movement in the body, including the movement of nerve impulses throughout the nervous system.

Amkura Kilangu is also used for High Blood Pressure, as an Immune-Modulator and an AntiOxidant.

Amkura Kilangu is also a proven immune modulator, antioxidant and hormone precursor which tends to regulate important physiological functions. Research has shown that it can protect the activity of immune cells that are exposed to chemicals that would otherwise inhibit their normal function.

Amkura Kilangu for Sexual Debility: Amkura Kilangu has an affinity for the reproductive system in both men and women. It is the main rejuvenative of masculine energy used in Ayurveda, improving the quality of reproductive tissues and increasing sexual potency. It has also been used to increase libido and potency, for it is said to bestow upon its user the vitality and strength of a horse. It is often added in herbal supplements that are reputed to improve sexual desire and function. Amkura Kilangu has also been helping women boost their desire for sex. Long considered India's most potent sex enhancing plant, the country's women have used Amkura Kilangu for years to rev up their sex drives.

Amkura Kilangu is also used to maintain a healthy libido, for it is said to bestow upon its user the vitality and strength of a horse.

Amkura Kilangu For Stress: Amkura Kilangu is considered as one of the best remedies for stress. While most adaptogens primarily work by helping the body to mobilize and maintain the physiological response to stress, Amkura Kilangu appears to work first and foremost by reducing the stress-related excesses of the alarmed nervous system. It improves the body's ability to maintain physical effort and helps the body adapt to various types of stress. It has also been reported to enhance mental function and memory. It acts to calm the mind and promote sound, restful sleep.

Amkura Kilangu for Weak Memory: Amkura Kilangu is a medhya rasayana, helping to enhance mental ability and performance. It helps support memory and problem-solving skills and enhances the coordinated functioning of all aspects of the brain. It corrects loss of memory arising out of long term stress, illness and overwork. 

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  1. Is it helpful in weight loss. Kindly suggest. If yes help me with dose , time and mode of intake

  2. Is it helpful in weight loss. Kindly suggest. If yes help me with dose , time and mode of intake

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