Siddha Vaidyam & the Kitchen Medicines

Siddha Vaidyam is not just the oldest and the first medical system that ever existed since the prehistoric period but its a science and proof of intense spirituality and Siddhars show the immense possibility of a human beings.

This medicine was developed by the scientists of ancient days named Siddhars who gained their knowledge through deep meditation and thus arousing the serpent power that is hidden within every human. These are humans who have reached the blissful state of human life and achieved the state of ultimate knowledge.

The natural ingredients of the Siddha health system herbs are much better and free of side effects than the factory made chemical stuffed products. Simple Siddha remedies can be very effective in relieving symptoms, and preventing further development of a disorder. Anything that is easily available in your kitchen or around your home, and has a medicinal use, may be used as a kitchen and home remedy. When used for medical purposes, herbs, vegetables, fruits, spices, grains and oils are understood to be home remedies.

May Lord Vaitheesvarar bless you with greater health and wealth
~ Vijayakumar Alagappan

Friday, April 5, 2013

Science and Art of Slow Walking

Science & Art of Slow Walk – by Vijayakumar Alagappan

When i said that I am going to give a public talk on walking, many people will said, 'what! a talk on walking? Even a kid knows how to walk. What are you going to tell us new?' 

Walking is a good excercise both for the mind and as well as for the body. Walking can be undertaken by almost all of us. But there are few important things to know and observe while walking.

Why regular walking ?
The organs of your body have their sensory touches at the bottom of your foot. God created our body so well that of even this. He made us walk so that we will always be pressing this pressure points and thus keeping these organs activated at all times. But the walking should be slow (not brisk walk as advised by most of the modern doctors).

Why slow walking ?
With slow walking, one can control the slowly acting factor. The walking increases blood circulation in the knee and calf regions of the feet. According to engineering terminology, the heart is a pump with non-return valves.

The other place where non-return valves are located in the body are in the veins of the calfs. Technically speaking the non-return valve in each of the calf should be designated as a heart. The one heart in the chest is not under our control (yogis and yoginis may control them, but not ordinary people). But the other two “hearts” in the calfs can be controlled by you – it is through walking.

How to start & when to walk ?
The best time for daily slow walk practices are two hours before Sun rise and Sun set. To start with, it can be only be for 20 minutes. Using watch, you should walk for 10 minutes away from your home. Then you should walk back to your home. Gradually, the walking time should be increased to 45 minutes.

Acu Pressure Points

 I hope, today`s modern doctors will help to spread this priceless ancient knowledge in tropical climate countries.

No Brisk Walk Especially If You Are Living in Tropical Climate 


  1. Hello mister , thank you for very useful blog , i live in Europe and i wold like to know if in India herb called Gynostemma Pentaphillum is used for its wonderful effects .

  2. Great information Vj, i am sharing these with others...